Dr. Mike Powell 
Dr. Mike Powell
International Educator
Chiropractic Neurologist

"Dr. Powell has dedicated his entire career to helping people through the application of brain-based care. There are not many guarantees in life, but I will assure you; attend his workshop, you will have fun and gain practical knowledge that will be immediately

NHL World Champ St. Louis Blues
Team Chiropractor
Michael Murphy DC

What People Are Saying:
“Working in profession sports
as a team chiropractor for
over 20 years in the NFL and
NHL, I have the privilege to
attend many seminars. Dr.
Powell has a wonderful ability
to take a very difficult subject
matter and break it down so
you can enjoy it, understand
it and use it. His knowledge
of Neurology is second to
none. Dr. Powell has
dedicated his entire career to
helping people through the
application of brain-based
care. There are not many
guarantees in life, but I will
assure you; attend his
workshop, you will have fun
and gain practical knowledge
that will be immediately
Michael Murphy, DC
Team Chiropractor
St. Louis Rams 2001-16
St. Louis Blues 1987-present
Chesterfield, MO
“I have known Dr. Powell for
almost 20 years and have
seen him speak dozens of
times. His presentations are
fun and interactive. He is a
true clinician, leading by
example through the
treatment of his patients in
the subject matter he is
I have to say Dr. Powell is one
of the best educators I have
seen and would not hesitate
to see him again. He has a
true passion for teaching that
you can feel. I highly
recommend taking Dr.
Powell’s classes, it will be
time well spent.”

Michael S. Swank, DC,
Dover, PA
“I have enjoyed Dr. Powell’s
classes and presentations for
20 years. He is, without out a
doubt, one of my favorite
speakers. Dr. Powell’s
character, humility and
devotion to service is
apparent every time you’re in
the room with him.
He has a unique talent for
taking complex ideas and
making them easy to
understand. I have never
attended one of his classes
without taking home a
“practice pearl” that I was
able to use the next day. The
net result for anyone hearing
Dr. Powell speak is they walk
away a better practitioner.”
Peter McDuff, DC
Pleasant Hill, CA

Meet Dr. Mike Powell

Hello, I’m Dr. Mike Powell. 

I’m a practicing chiropractic neurologist,
teacher and professional speaker. My
vision is two-fold:
1. To help doctors and therapists 
re-ignite their passion and
dramatically increase their
effectiveness by understanding
how to leverage the function of
the brain with everyone they
2. To empower people who suffer
from neurological disorders such
as concussion, Alzheimer’s
Disease, ADHD, MS and
Parkinson’s to take control of
their own health and re-write their


Over the past 20 years I’ve been privileged to speak hundreds of times to groups
of doctors and therapists at association conferences, workshops and certification
courses. It’s been my pleasure to thrill young kids with the wonders of the brain,
train teachers in brain-based learning, and share keys to reversing and preventing
Alzheimer’s disease to adults.

current brain research in evidence-based practice

Audience: All groups of healthcare providers,
administrators, payors and legislators

The future of healthcare is in identifying and
addressing causes and using all evidence-based tools
available to prevent disease and restore function. I will share patient-centered, evidenced based models and strategies that do exactly this. You and your audience will see opportunity and think differently about how we serve.

Practical ways to assess and change the brain

Audience: Physiatrists, Physical Therapists,
Occupational Therapists & Chiropractors

The evidence shows that an adjustment changes the
brain even more than the joint. I will provide the concepts
and techniques to take the doctor’s current skills and
make them even more effective. Your audience will see
disabled patients experience profound changes on video,
then apply these techniques, hand’s on. Every doctor,
regardless of technique will be a better adjuster


Taking your adjustments to a higher level
Audience: Chiropractors

In the same way that a stroke patient with a
weak arm does not really have a problem that’s
coming from that arm; many issues have their
origin in the central nervous system. I will teach
your group how we use a specialized
assessment to identify the target for care,
provide specific brain-based care and then

CONCUSSION: Keys to a full recovery

Audience- all physicians, physical therapists, athletic trainers

This keynote or workshop is specific to Persistent
Post-concussion Syndrome. I’ll unpack why some
people still have symptoms weeks, months or even a
year after injury. I will then share specific testing and
treatment that is shown to promote a faster and more
compete recovery.
DISEASE: Investing in a healthy brain

Audience- Healthcare providers AND anyone who
wishes to age with a healthy brain.

The professional version helps providers understand
the current research and clinical applications based
on Dr. Dale Bredesen’s work and others. It will open
your group’s eyes to what is possible.
The public version is a “How To” program that
explains how to invest in brain health via a step by
step process, similar to investing in financial health.
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